About Us

Ollie Thompson

Ollie Thompson, a graduate of Florida State University, is dedicated to growing our business through hard work and integrity while creating long lasting relationships with our beloved customers.

Zach Llewallyn

Zach Llewallyn, a graduate of Georgia Southern University, is committed to learning and evolving in every nuance of the industry to ensure each home and business cleaned by our staff is done so to the highest standards.

Reflections of Charleston is always on the forefront of an ever-evolving home care and home construction industry. We use industry-leading products and equipment to care for our customers’ home or business, and can tailor our services to accommodate you, your needs, and your budget.

With sincere devotion to customer service, our punctual and friendly staff will clean every home or business with busy hands and a thorough eye. Call Reflections of Charleston for all your remodeling, interior and exterior projects, window cleaning, low-pressure house washing, power washing, gutter cleaning, and interior and exterior painting needs!